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To all who use Mac:

I haven’t recommended any software for some time, but I wanted to pass a few recommendations off to you. I have found these two pieces of software to be of great value over the past year. Both have trial versions to see if you would like to purchase a license.

1:  Audio Hijack Pro from Rouge Amoeba

I find myself using this as my EQ for listening to anything on the mac. It also records audio from a specific application. For example, there is some really great audio recordings found only on youtube but the video is not great. You just want to record the audio for your personal use. This does it very good and lets you record it in just about any audio format.

2:  PDFpenPro from Smile Software

I have used this several times to fill out forms and application forms that were authored online in pdf format. You can add text, images and signatures to PDF files. Correct text in original PDF with editable text blocks. Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF.

I wish I had coupon codes to suggest. I just found out PDFpenPro is on sale for a special price until midnight tonight.